Six Essential Elements For Creating Healthy Habits: C.H.A.N.G.E. Formula

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My holistic health coaching services are for you if ...

you are sick of your unhealthy habits and your stress and lack of energy hindering your productivity and your capacity to enjoy life

My holistic online and in-person health coaching services overview

I offer holistic health coaching services, online or in person.

My Health Coaching Programs are delivered over 3, 6 or 12 months to guarantee you will have the tools and skills to establish habits that promote resilience, vitality and overall health and wellbeing.

We can meet virtually, via Zoom or other video-conferencing apps that we can both access, or in person at your home or workplace (if nearby), cafe, park, or a walk on a gorgeous nearby beach in Port Douglas, Mossman, Cooya or Oak Beach, or even at Cairns Central shopping centre. I offer structured programs, but I am happy to adapt them to your specific needs and budget.

I am confident that if you put in the work, you will get  results, even if the behaviour change process often needs more iterations and finding out what works for you.

If you, for any reasons, are not happy after three sessions, I will refund 100% of your investment. 

My Health Coaching Programs Include:

  • An evaluation of your current physical and psychological health and background based on your medical history and your health professional’s advice
  • Guidance in creating your health and wellness vision and aims
  • A deep dive into your compelling reasons and motivation to change health behaviours
  • Strategies to enhance desired behaviours and increase chances for your success
  • Creative approaches to eliminate the barriers that keep you from making changes
  • Resources to support in identifying triggers and planning ahead for high-risk situations
  • Evidence-based information to help identify strategies to follow
  • Tips and health hacks to boost your skills, i.e., planning, cooking
  • Support in creating action plans for achieving your goals, methods of tracking your progress
  • Ongoing support for the duration of your program – email, phone, Zoom, Voxer, in person

All programs use the Sailboat Metaphor, a powerful metaphor by Hugo Albert, co-founder of Positive Psychology, to help you understand all aspects of your mind, behaviour and emotions.

Just apply for a FREE 15 minutes consultation and we can discuss what works for you!

“The greatest wealth is health.”

— Roman poet, Virgil


setting sails for success
Photo: Thom Milkovic, Unsplash

Setting Sails for Success (7 sessions of health coaching over three months). Price: 600 USD

This program will support you to set the basis of your behaviour change strategy and teach you the skills to deal with setback in a kind and loving way towards yourself.

More details to come.

Health coaching will help you learn to master your needs, emotions, motivations and actions
Photo: Matteo Ulisse, Unsplash

Master Your Journey (13 health coaching sessions over six months). Price: 1200 USD

This program includes Setting Sails for Success and extends it to ensure you are supported for a successful implementation of your strategy for change.

More details to come. 


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An official definition sounds like this: “Health coaching is the practice of health education and health promotion in a coaching context to enhance the well-being of individuals and facilitate the achievement of their health-related goals” (Palmer, Tubbs and Whybrow, 2014)

Health coaching is a partnership between you and the coach, where you set the agenda and the coach facilitates your desired transformation.

When we talk about holistic health coaching, this is an integrative approach to lifestyle changes. It aims to improve the client’s health overall rather than focusing on a specific outcome.

The health coach is a catalyst to your change, a guide, and a lighthouse for your sailboat. Read about the sailboat metaphor in this blog post (link coming soon).

Mihaela has a Bachelor of Psychology degree and a Master of Public Health with a Lifestyle Medicine component, and health coaching is an integral part of lifestyle medicine. She completed her health coaching certification with the Accredited Health Coaching Australia.

Mihaela is a professional member of  HCANZA – Health Coaches Australia and New Zealand Association member. HCANZA is Australia and New Zealand’s professional body that ensures its members meet international professional standards for training and professional development.

In addition, Mihaela completed various professional development courses, including in positive psychology, sleep, well-being and psychotherapy. Disclaimer:  Mihaela is not a registered psychologist or therapist.

A life coach focuses on helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. 

While a health coach has the skills to practice life coaching, she focuses on facilitating improvements in the client’s physical and psychological health and overall well-being.

Often, a health coach has tertiary qualifications in health domains.

Working with a health coach can provide many benefits, including clarity on your health goals and developing an effective strategy for achieving those goals. Moreover, the coach will support your motivation and confidence and facilitate your learning. You will be able to make better food choices and create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. The coach will provide emotional support through the ups and downs of your health journey.

Additionally, working with a health coach can provide many intangible benefits because such personal growth work often requires facing fears, identifying limiting beliefs and developing self-awareness around topics previously avoided. Working towards your health goals with a health coach has the potential to create powerful life transformations that may extend much further beyond physical health goals and results. For example, improved self-esteem, enhanced relationships and better decision-making are all possible outcomes.

Depending on your situation and needs, topics that may be covered include nutrition, lifestyle changes such as optimising sleep quality and increasing physical activity. Other topics include learning how to manage stress, emotional wellness strategies, and the implementation of mindful practices.  Above all, goal setting, and practical advice on creating healthy habits, are the main topics you will address with your health coach!

Weight loss is not usually a good measure for health coaching outcomes or for health in general. Working with a health coach can help you achieve your health goals and your coach will work with you to clarify those goals. Weight loss could be an outcome but it depends much more on what actions you are willing to take while following through on any plans created together. Moreover, underlying issues may need to be addressed before attempting anything related to losing weight. It is always best to seek professional medical care from licensed medical providers before attempting weight loss. Then, your health coach can work with you within the recommendations from your health provider.