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Health Coach Mihaela Zaharia

Hi, I'm Mihaela Zaharia, Certified Health Coach

When you work from home, it can be challenging to prioritise your own health. As a certified health and wellness coach, I am passionate about helping work-at-home women professionals like you build healthy habits and transform their lives. 

I became a certified health coach so I can empower you

I am a passioned advocate for positive behaviour change. With a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in public health and lifestyle medicine, I gained a strong understanding of human behaviour, health, and wellness.

My journey started long ago, sparked by my avid curiosity about what makes us behave the way we do. Why  can’t we always follow through on our intentions? How can we we change our behaviour so we can positively change our lives? The knowledge exists. Human behaviour is probably one of most studied aspect of human life. My mission is to bridge the gap between what we know from research and what is applied in our everyday lives. I want to  translate research findings into actionable steps that can seamlessly integrate into our busy lives.

This mission is rooted in my experience of witnessing my mother’s decline in quality of life and prematurely losing her to chronic diseases that could have been prevented if she had the knowledge and support to adopt healthy changes in her lifestyle . Furthermore, having dealt with debilitating migraines since childhood, I am on a quest to enhance my life through lifestyle choices.

Empowering you is my priority!

I believe that everyone possesses the power to change their lives in the direction they want. In matters concerning your health, you are the expert. As your health coach, my role revolves around guiding, supporting, and empowering you throughout your health journey.

My personal values significantly shape my business principles.

Ethics, equity, and sustainability are some of my core values that guide my approach to coaching. Everyone has the right to access reliable health information and support to be proactive in living a healthy lifestyle. Health is not just the absence of disease, health means thriving. Irrespective of background, gender, skin colour, or any other factors, health is a human right, not a privilege. I’m here to provide you with evidence-based guidance tailored to your unique needs.

Together, we will navigate challenges with confidence.

My approach centers on understanding your unique circumstances, assisting you in discovering your inner motivations, and establishing realistic health objectives. We will work together to integrate evidence-based strategies into your busy lifestyle, accommodating physical activity, balanced nutrition, stress management, and self-care.


Consider me your transformation partner.

Adapting to change is undoubtedly demanding, yet I am here to support you every step of the way. Regular check-ins, open dialogues, nonjudgmental discussions, and a nurturing environment form the foundation of our collaboration. Rather than hindrances, challenges serve as opportunities for learning, adaptation, and progressing even stronger.

Key message to take with you:

Undoubtedly, change is hard but I’m here to hold your hand every step of the way. With regular check-ins, open discussions, no judgement and a supportive environment we will navigate challenges with ease. Challenges are not roadblocks; they’re opportunities to learn, adjust, and move forward stronger than before.

I am thrilled to embark on this journey of positive change alongside you. Keep in mind that you don’t need to change yourself; you are enough just as you are. You need to align your mindset and actions with your desired life and embrace the changes that will unveil your authentic self.

To get started on your journey of transformation, feel free to reach out. Let’s make positive change a reality! 

If you are not ready for one-on -one coaching, follow on Instagram or come back here often because I share a lot of invaluable content that will help you take action for a healthier life. 

Some benefits of working with a health coach

Break free from the guilt and cognitive dissonance caused  by your behaviour not being aligned with your values.

Cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations, your unique challenges and what works for you.

Create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that support high vitality and performance.

Let go of your stories and embrace your authentic self. Develop unconditional self-acceptance so you can design  your best life. 

How I, as your health coach, can help you transform your life!

If your life was a sailing journey, I would be the lighthouse illuminating your path and your boat so that 

A health coach is for her client what a lighthouse is for a sailboat.


setting sails for success

 7 sessions of health coaching over three months.

Price: 600 USD

Health coaching will help you learn to master your needs, emotions, motivations and actions

13 health coaching sessions over six months). 

Price: 1200 USD