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Mindfulness for Behaviour Change: Gift Yourself Presence Here and Now

Cultivate mindfulness for lasting positive change Mindfulness - The Missing Link for Change Oh, hello! Finally, you’re here! I am so glad you made it because I have something important to tell you: Mindfulness can facilitate lasting behaviour change!If you’ve been struggling to build healthy habits, but the changes you want to make simply don’t stick, and you find yourself […]


Understanding Mindfulness

Mindfulness has become increasingly popular in the self-improvement media as well as in clinical settings. If you are reading this, you have your own definition of mindfulness. How do you define mindfulness? Please write your answer in a comment! Mindfulness is a multifaceted practice, drawing from ancient wisdom and adapting to contemporary life. In 1881, Rhys Davids translated the word […]


Mindfulness and Health Behaviour Change

What does health behaviour have to do with mindfulness?Health behaviour is any behaviour that affects physical or mental health or quality of life, either positively or negatively. (5)Unhealthy behaviours such as sitting for long periods and low physical activity, overeating, eating high-caloric, low-nutritional food, smoking, alcohol and substance use, and not adhering to medical treatments account for a substantial proportion […]


Cultivating Mindfulness in Daily Life

Common Misconceptions About Mindfulness  The main goal of mindfulness is not relaxation. Many people associate meditation and mindfulness with relaxation, but although relaxation can be a side-effect, especially for those more advanced in mindfulness practice, mindfulness also implies accepting uncomfortable emotions. Mindfulness is not religious, even if it is rooted in spirituality. Mindfulness is not a way to change thoughts or to […]


Mindfulness and Business

If you are a woman entrepreneur, the integration of mindfulness into your business practices offers numerous benefits. Running your own business presents unique challenges, including balancing work and personal life, managing stress, and maintaining creativity and productivity.  Mindfulness practices can help you manage these challenges, providing tools for stress reduction, enhancing focus and concentration, and fostering creativity. Regular mindfulness practice […]


How to get started with mindfulness

 Establishing a regular mindfulness practice can initially seem challenging, but it is attainable with the right resources and support. Numerous tools are available to assist in this journey, including mindfulness apps, online guided meditations, local and virtual mindfulness courses, and retreats. These resources offer structured guidance and a supportive community for individuals beginning their mindfulness journey. Additionally, seeking the support […]


Conclusion on Mindfulness for Behaviour Change

  The practice of mindfulness is a pathway to achieving sustainable health behaviour change, leading to a more balanced life and business. Whether through small, consistent daily practices or more structured mindfulness training, the benefits of this mindfulness are within your reach. Embracing mindfulness is not a luxury; it is essential for achieving a life worth living and a business that […]


Mindfulness References

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