Cultivate mindfulness for lasting positive change

Mindfulness - The Missing Link for Change

Oh, hello! Finally, you’re here! I am so glad you made it because I have something important to tell you: Mindfulness can facilitate lasting behaviour change!

If you’ve been struggling to build healthy habits, but the changes you want to make simply don’t stick, and you find yourself relapsing again and again into your old unhealthy habits, and you start to believe there is something wrong with you, don’t worry: there is nothing wrong with you. 

It is actually normal; most people do, especially when you are a woman entrepreneur! Our health and self-care are often the first things we sacrifice on the altar of “success.” (You know what the quotes mean – what is success, and who defines it? But let’s not digress!)

My struggles with change

My whole life, I strived to align my behaviour with my values and act in ways that would take me where I wanted: to my carefully designed vision. And I used to be better at it when I was younger, but then, real life got in the way. At some stage, I was just going through the motions, doing what everyone else expected from me and living mostly on autopilot. 

I always wanted to design my behaviour to support the life I desired and my ability to contribute to the world. I never wanted riches or a life of leisure; that’s not what my ideal life looks like. But I wanted to create a meaningful life. And those autopilot behaviours were, and some still are, holding me back. 

The missing link

I firmly believe that mindfulness is the missing link. Without mindfulness, creating a lifestyle that supports personal and professional growth is very difficult.

I am not an expert in mindfulness. I did research – I researched the available literature, I took courses, and I started implementing it. But learning about mindfulness and making mindfulness a way of living are two very different things. It’s like you cannot learn how to swim and save your life if needed just by researching and reading. You need to get in the water and do it. I started testing the water, but I’m not yet a confident swimmer. 

I definitely want to make mindfulness my default way of being, but that will take time. So, why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to learn and get in the water with me. And hold each other’s hand.

But let’s get serious!